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Students and graduates

Summer internships, part-time jobs, summer jobs and student practice programmes offer many challenges and exciting opportunities in DNB.


Summer internship

A summer internship in DNB gives you a unique opportunity to get experience from Norway's largest bank. As a summer intern, you will be given challenging work tasks and receive close follow-up. You will also be offered to participate in a two-day case seminar where all the interns gather to solve relevant cases. The internship will last from mid-June to mid-August.


Most departments prefer third or fourth year students, but DNB Markets also welcomes students in their second year.


Which type of education you need depends on the department you want to work in. We need many different types of expertise – ranging from the humanities, technology, and innovation to economy and finance.


Part-time job

A part-time job can involve work tasks within sales, customer service and advisory services, while opening further opportunities for employment in DNB. You must be over 18 years of age, and as a rule, have completed at least one year of study when you begin.


Part-time jobs are available in Oslo, Stavanger, Bergen, Gjøvik and Trondheim.


You will gain useful work experience through challenging tasks, and at the same time become part of a stimulating work environment. You will most likely work evenings and weekends, but this depends on the position.


Summer job

We need skilled summer substitutes in almost all departments in DNB.

The work period extends from the middle of May to the end of August, and it is an advantage if you can work at least five consecutive weeks.

Summer jobs are usually advertised in the autumn.


Student practice

If you are a student with good results and interested in becoming better acquainted with DNB, you can apply for a place in our student practice programme.


You can work within a range of areas such as personal and corporate banking, finance, HR, IT, and branding. As an intern, you will be given independent and challenging tasks, and receive close follow-up.


We will accept your application whether you are a bachelor’s or a master’s student.


You are welcome to specify which areas you would like to work in.


The student practice period must either be an optional subject or a mandatory part of your study programme. If this is not included in your study programme, we encourage you to apply for a summer job or summer internship instead.



Have you almost completed your studies, or just started working? Then you can become a part of our graduate programme.


As a graduate in DNB, you will be given a job in one of our business areas which matches your expertise and preferences.


It is expected that you will be an active member of your team and can handle challenging tasks from day one.


You can also expect good support from your immediate superior and will have the opportunity to learn from the very best.