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Working in DNB

We are always looking for talented and skilled people to join the Group. Perhaps your qualifications are just what we need? Register your CV or apply for vacant positions and internships here.


Working in Norway's largest financial services group you will get professional challenges in an exciting work environment offering a wealth of opportunities.


Register your CV

Here you can create a job agent, and link your CV to the type of jobs you would like to apply for. You will then be notified when suitable positions are available

Update your registered CV here.

To apply for positions with your CV and user profile, click "Send application" in the relevant job advertisement, and log in using your user name and password.


Student or soon-to-be graduate? There are a range of opportunities in DNB – read more here.



Employee benefits

In DNB, we have employee benefits that give a sense of security, stimulate physical activity and strengthen your social network:

• Competitive terms on loans, savings and non-life insurance
DNB offers its employees advisory services and favourable terms on loans, savings, non-life insurance and real estate broking.

• Group employer's liability insurance
The insurance policy covers accidents, illness, death, health and travel. The health insurance covers treatment by private specialists, psychologists, chiropractors, physiotherapists, and more. The travel insurance is valid all year round, and also covers the employees’ family

• Defined-contribution pension
All new employees are automatically included in DNB’s defined-contribution pension scheme. The contributions are invested and managed by DNB, yielding returns until retirement age, and are paid in the form of a retirement pension.

• One additional day off each year, as well as a day off in connection with Christmas, New Year or other religious holidays.

• Full salary during parental leave and absence due to illness

• Flexible working hours and work location when possible

• Support for education


After hours, DNB offers:
• Sports teams and free training sessions
• Choir and culture groups
• Company cabins




Talent development

The most important learning takes place in your daily work. Therefore, we have a culture for challenging ourselves and those around us. We take responsibility, ask questions and challenge established truths. This way, we learn from our own experiences, as well as from our colleagues.

We arrange a number of internal courses in the form of both e-learning and seminars.


Many of these are open to all employees. In addition, you can apply for courses at external schools, such as BI Norwegian Business School, the Norwegian School of Economics, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, and all other colleges and universities, including online studies.

To increase awareness of the ethical dilemmas employees may face in contact with customers and in internal processes, we carry out mandatory training in ethics and anti-money laundering.

A few times a year, we invite new employees to internal seminars, to ensure a comprehensive and standardised introduction to the Group. These seminars are also a great way to get to know your new colleagues.

As part of the efforts to integrate the Group's international units, we have conducted extensive training in DNB’s purpose, values, and leadership principles in the offices outside Norway.

DNB’s managers play a crucial role in developing DNB as  a customer-oriented organisation. Leadership in DNB is based on three principles: create results, develop individuals and teams, as well as set direction and drive change. The leadership principles guide managers in the follow-up and development of their employees.