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More than just a bank

A player in society


For nearly two hundred years we have acquired and shared knowledge, developed global networks and adapted to modern everyday life. To us, it is important to combine profitability with responsibility. Get to know us, and see how we work in Norway’s largest, and one of the world's best capitalised financial services groups. We are here. So you can stay ahead.

The DNB Board of Directors

Here you will find information about the Board of Directors, the General Meeting, the Articles of Association and the Election Committee of DNB ASA. 

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Guidelines and policies

In addition to national and international legislation, DNB observes several strict sets of guidelines. You will find a list of them here.

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What has DNB learned from Panama Papers?

DNB has implemented several important measures after the so-called Panama Papers case. The purpose is, among other things, to strengthen the Group’s management of subsidiaries and to improve its quality assurance of new products.

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Paradise Papers and DNB

The ocean industries are important for Norway, and for DNB. DNB has customers across the world in these industries, including countries that are far away from Norway.

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Press centre

Welcome to DNB’s press centre. Here you will find a list of all press contacts in DNB. We help journalists and media with questions related to all of DNB’s operations.

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Students and graduates

Summer internships, part-time jobs, summer jobs and student practice programmes offer many challenges and exciting opportunities in DNB.

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Working in DNB

We are always looking for talented and skilled people to join the Group. Perhaps your qualifications are just what we need? Register your CV or apply for vacant positions and internships here.

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